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ADA Recommendations For Children’s Dental Health Highlighted.

The Michigan City (IN) News Dispatch (12/31, Henderson) reports on how to keep children’s teeth healthy over the holidays. The article says that “children are never too young to practice good dental hygiene.” For infants, “pocked, pitted, or discolored front teeth are signs of bottle mouth, according to the American Dental Association (ADA).” The article says to follow ADA recommendations “to help your toddlers and older children keep their pearly whites looking pearly after indulging in those holiday sweets.” These recommendations and more information on dental health for babies and children can be found at

Dental Care Advised Before, During, And After Cancer Treatment.

The About (12/29) website states that “mouth complications...can and do occur in more than one-third of those being treated for breast cancer,” adding that untreated dental problems may impact treatment. Given this, the article recommends seeing “your dentist as soon as you know you will be having chemotherapy,” adding, “Consider your dentist a part of your care team as you will be seeing him or her during treatment, as needed, and after treatment is completed.”

Athletes Encouraged To Use Mouthguards To Protect Teeth, Jaws.

In an op-ed for the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times (12/29), Dr. Jessica Peele, with MAHEC, an Area Health Education Center in North Carolina, states that “safeguarding your teeth, gums and jaws should be a priority for any athlete.” Dr. Peele notes that the ADA has “a list of about 30 sports, which range from gymnastics to skiing, for which it recommends the use of a mouthguard,” saying athletes should select a mouthguard that is tear resistant, fits properly, can be cleaned easily, and “does not impair speech or breathing.”

        The ADA News (11/2, Manchir) previously reported that CustMbite MVP Athletic Mouthguard has become the first athletic mouthguard to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The ADA provides additional information on mouthguards online.

Surgeon General Praises Community Water Fluoridation Efforts.

The ADA News (12/23, Garvin) reports that ADA President Carol Gomez Summerhays and ADA Executive Director Kathleen O’Loughlin sent a letter to US Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, MD on Dec. 22, thanking Dr. Murthy for his efforts in commemorating the 70th anniversary of community water fluoridation. According to the article, “In a video posted to the Office of the Surgeon General’s YouTube channel, Dr. Murthy credited community water fluoridation with contributing to dramatic declines in the prevalence and severity of tooth decay, and praised advocates and community leaders for their efforts in fighting to make water fluoridation a reality in communities across the county.” Drs. Summerhays and O’Loughlin said in the letter, “We applaud you for commemorating the 70th anniversary of community water fluoridation with a statement acknowledging the practice as a safe, beneficial, and cost-effective public health measure for preventing tooth decay.”

        Dr Bicuspid (12/23) reports that Dr. Murthy called fluoridation “one of the most cost effective, equitable, and safe measures communities can take to prevent tooth decay and improve oral health.” Dr. Murthy added that community water fluoridation “is the best method for delivering fluoride to all members of the community,” and its “effectiveness in preventing tooth decay extends throughout one’s life, resulting in fewer – and less severe – cavities.”

Proper Tooth Brushing Techniques listed.

Women’s Health (12/17, Mackenzie) listed five ways people are brushing their teeth incorrectly, providing solutions to ensure oral health. For example, the article stated that although some people may not be using a toothpaste with fluoride, it’s “important to make sure your toothpaste and mouthwash have fluoride in them, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel, according to the American Dental Association.” For additional tips on brushing teeth, visit

Tips Provided For Dental Health During The Holidays.

In an article for the Chester (PA) Times (12/15), a Pennsylvania dentist provides dental health tips “to make the season enjoyable and healthy,” recommending people limit soda consumption, avoid sugary treats as stocking stuffers, and consume healthy snacks, such as cheese, among other tips. In addition, the dentist recommends children “visit Hermey the Elf for more dental fun facts” at

American Association Of Pediatrics Recommends Fluoride Treatments Beginning At Six Months.

UPI (12/9) reports that the American Association of Pediatrics recommends children receive “fluoride treatments starting from six months of age or when their teeth are visible.” The new guideline, one of several updated guidelines AAP released for preventive healthcare screenings and assessments, “echoes one issued in 2014 by the American Association of Pediatric Dentists for parents to start treating children’s teeth while they are infants.” The AAPD wrote in its Guideline on Fluoride Therapy, “There is confirmation from evidence-based reviews that fluoride use for the prevention and control of caries is both safe and highly effective in reducing dental caries prevalence.”

        Meanwhile, the Idaho State Journal (12/10) states that “the discovery of fluoride’s protective qualities for teeth is something of a medical miracle,” listing seven reasons children benefit from a professional fluoride treatment. The article states, for example, that fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, according to the American Dental Association, helping to prevent tooth decay and reverse early decay.

Preventive Dental Visits Facilitate Early Detection Of Oral Cancer.

Discussing oral cancer risks, Cover Magazine (UK) (12/8, Goolnik) states that dental coverage is “extremely important” to help encourage people to receive preventive dental care, leading to early oral cancer detection and treatment.

Regular Dental Visits Advised For Oral Health.

In an article for Health 24 (12/7), Maretha Smit, CEO of the South African Dental Association, discusses the link between oral health and overall health, stressing the importance of regular dental visits in addition to brushing and flossing daily. “Only regular visits to a dentist will ensure healthy teeth and gums,” Smit said. “When it comes to your teeth, gums and oral health, visiting your dentist is the best form of prevention.”

Pediatrician: Fluoridated Tap Water Safe To Mix With Infant Formula.

In an article on the Mayo Clinic (12/1) website, pediatrician Dr. Jay L. Hoecker responds to a question about whether it is safe to mix infant formula with fluoridated tap water. “You can safely use fluoridated tap water to prepare infant formula,” Dr. Hoecker states. “Exposure to fluoride during infancy helps prevent tooth decay.”

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