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Tooth Charms Among Allure’s Previously Reported “Out-There Beauty Trends

Allure (6/2, Aberman) states in its “Daily Beauty Reporter” blog that during “Allure’s 25 years of existence, we’ve reported on some pretty out-there beauty trends,” including teeth charms in October 2000. The charms are “glued to the surface of your teeth by a dentist (ideally) and worn like an accessory,” although the “trend never really caught on.” In the October, 2000 article, American Dental Association spokesperson Dr. Richard Price cautioned against wearing the jewels since they can interfere with brushing and cause plaque to build up. “Sparkles on your fingernails are one thing,” says Dr. Price. “On your teeth, they’re another.” Dr. Price adds, “You can grow new fingernails; you can’t grow new teeth.”

Coverage Continues: JADA Study Finds Association Between Sugary Drinks, Erosive Tooth Wear

Dr Bicuspid (2/16, Pablos) reported in continuing coverage that new research from The Journal of the American Dental Association finds an association between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and dental erosion among adolescents in Mexico. According to the article, “The researchers evaluated various causes for erosive tooth wear in Mexican high school students, but they found that only a high intake of sweet carbonated drinks, xerostomia, and increased age had a statistically significant impact on dental erosion.” Study author Dr. Socorro Aída Borges-Yáñez said, “We hope this study can contribute to the evidence about the role free sugars play in the development of erosive tooth wear.”

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