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Difference Between Dental Discount Plans, Dental Benefits Plans Explained

In an article on the AARP (2/10) website, journalist Tamara E. Holmes states that dental discount plans and dental benefits plans “differ in several ways,” including that dental plans “generally cost less” than traditional dental coverage

Many Consumers Unaware Of Recommended Age For Children’s First Dental Exam, Survey Finds

PRNewswire (2/10) hosts a FAIR Health release announcing that its consumer dental survey found that “nearly half of US consumers believe the recommended age for a first dental check-up is after a child’s second birthday,” despite dental authorities recommending children have their first dental exam “when the first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday.” In addition, only 25 percent of the survey respondents “provided answers within the recommended guidelines.” Robin Gelburd, president of FAIR Health, said, “While people who do not live with children may not know the guidelines, it was particularly surprising that a large percentage of respondents with children in their household were also unaware of these important oral health recommendations.” provides additional information on caring for children’s teeth.

Regular Dental Visits Advised At Intervals Determined By Dentist

In a broadcast on its website, the Today Show Online (2/8) spoke with health and wellness reporter Anna Medaris Miller about her recent article in the Huffington Post discussing common health habits, including how often people should visit the dentist. Miller stated that people should receive regular dental care at intervals determined by their dentist.

Pediatric Fevers Not Caused By Teething, Analysis Concludes

CNN (2/19, Kounang) reported online on a new study in the journal Pediatrics that confirmed “high-grade fevers are not a sign of teething,” but could be a sign of another illness. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Pediatric Oral Health and Research and Policy Center director Dr. Paul Casamassimo said, “If a child has a really high fever, or is in significant discomfort, or won’t eat or drink anything for days, that’s a red flag for concern.” CNN provided tips for managing teething, including use of infant pain relievers, while cautioning regular use thereof could lead to tooth decay.

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