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CDC Airing New Anti-Tobacco Ads

The ADA News (2/8) reported that on Jan. 25 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began airing new ads as part of its “Tips From Former Smokers” campaign, designed to educate the public about the negative health impact of tobacco use. The most recent campaign features personal stories of “people living with smoking-related diseases and disabilities,” including “loss of teeth due to severe periodontal disease.” The CDC offers tips to help people quit smoking online.

Humidifier Use May Have Oral Health Benefits

The Huffington Post (2/8, Tollefsen) states that “winter dryness can affect everything from your teeth to your throat and even contribute to the onset of the flu virus,” adding that using a humidifier may “help combat winter’s negative impact by adding moisture to your living environment.” The article states that “humidifiers help support saliva production, a process that preserves the health of the oral cavity, gums and throat,” while staying hydrated also helps prevent “mouth-related soreness.” In addition, “adding moisture to your environment also keeps bacteria build-up at bay and fights dry mouth, a condition that makes you mouth feel constantly parched.” provides additional information on saliva and dry mouth.

Survey Finds Some Parents Miss Work Due To Oral Health Issues

AZ Business Magazine (2/24) reports that a new survey from Delta Dental of Arizona examines why parents miss work during winter, finding 9 percent of working parents surveyed are “likely to miss work during the winter months due to their own oral health issues,” while 17 percent say they are likely to miss work due to their children’s oral health issues.

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