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Delta Dental Releases Key Findings Of The Children’s Oral Health Survey

PRNewswire (2/7) hosts a Delta Dental Plans Association release announcing the key findings from The Children’s Oral Health Survey, a “survey of parents with children ages 12 and under.” The survey finds “92% of parents say their children are brushing at least once a day,” and “67% are brushing at least twice a day.” In addition, the survey finds “90% of children have dental coverage, either public or private,” although “40% of children 3 years old or younger have never been to a dentist.” Bill Kohn, DDS, vice president for dental science and policy for Delta Dental Plans Association, said, “While many of the nation’s children are on the right track to good oral health and overall health, clearly there is much work to be done when it comes to helping parents understand the importance of getting an early start on dental care.”


Mouth Sores May Indicate Difficult-To-Diagnose Condition.

In an article for the Philadelphia Inquirer (2/7), Dr. Eric T. Stoopler, an associate professor of oral medicine, discusses a patient who suffered from treatment-resistant mouth sores and skin lesions and “died of respiratory failure about a year after he first noticed the mouth sores.” Before his death, “immunological blood tests suggested the patient’s mouth sores and skin lesions were actually symptoms of an condition called paraneoplastic pemphigus, usually caused by an underlying cancer,” and a biopsy revealed lymphoma. Dr. Stoopler said that “this patient’s case underscores the importance of regular dental exams and prompt evaluation of oral sores that don’t heal quickly on their own,” adding that “these lesions may be the first signs of a possibly life-threatening condition.” provides additional information on mouth sores.

No Scientific Evidence Charcoal Teeth Whitening Method Works.

The Daily Beast (4/6, Yu) stated that some health and beauty products now contain activated charcoal, a substance traditionally used in air filters and by hospitals and poison control centers to treat “poisoning or a drug overdose.” With some bloggers and vloggers touting the benefits of using the powdery black substance to whiten teeth, the Daily Beast spoke with dental professionals, including American Dental Association spokesperson Dr. Kim Harms, to determine whether using activated charcoal is safe and effective. “There’s no evidence at all that activated charcoal does any good for your teeth,” Dr. Harms said, adding that it is unclear whether using activated charcoal is safe, and the concern with using abrasives to brush teeth is the effect they can have on gums and enamel. Noting that activated charcoal also does not deliver fluoride, Dr. Harms said that “there are better options out there that do work,” recommending people consult with a dentist about teeth whitening options. provides additional information on teeth whitening. In addition, several whitening toothpastes and a whitening product have the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

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