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Tips Provided To Promote Successful Dental Visits, Proper Dental Habits

The Tri-County Times (MI) (2/3) recommends parents help children acclimate to dental visits by demonstrating proper oral hygiene, bringing children to see the dentist by age one, reading books about dental visits, being supportive, and using positive words to “make the visit seem fun and positive rather than scary and alarming.” also provides tips for ensuring children have a successful dental visit.

        The Bristol (VA) Herald Courier (2/2, Spell) reports that Dr. Peter Vanstrom, a dental consultant for CNN medical and a member of the editorial board for WebMD, encourages parents to instill proper dental health habits in their children by using soft-bristled toothbrushes and not brushing too forcefully, having a positive attitude toward oral hygiene, and helping children avoid developing “bad oral habits,” such as chewing ice. Additional information on caring for children’s teeth is available at

More Than 25,000 Enroll In Dental Coverage Through Connect For Health Colorado.

The Colorado Springs (CO) Gazette (2/3, Rodgers) reports that between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31, “25,604 people enrolled in dental coverage” through Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s health insurance marketplace.

Americans Limiting Sugar Intake More Than Fat, Sodium, Poll Shows

Reuters (2/2, Prentice) reports that a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed a higher percentage of Americans reported having made an effort to limit the amount of sugar they consume than those who reported limiting calories, fats, cholesterol, sodium, or total carbohydrates. According to the poll, 58 percent of people surveyed said they had limited their sugar intake in the last 30 days.

Impact of Sparkling Water On Dental Health Considered

The Atlantic (2/1, Khazan) considers the dental impact of consuming sparkling water, stating that “even when it’s unflavored, fizzy water contains an acid – carbonic acid – that gives it its bubbles.” According to the article, the acidity in sparkling water may “gradually wear away tooth enamel,” although, “unless they’re flavored with citric or other acids, seltzers tend to have more neutral pH values than soft drinks like Coke.” Damien Walmsley, a professor of dentistry at the University of Birmingham, said, “My advice is to keep acidic drinks to mealtimes, and if you have to sip drinks between meals, then plain water is the safest.”


Expert Says Medicaid Expansion Reaching “Tipping Point.”

CNBC (1/26, Mangan) reports that Louisiana recently became the 31st state to expand Medicaid, and three other states, “South Dakota, Wyoming and Virginia, are discussing such a move.” The addition of those states “would provide the program even more critical mass and complicate efforts at widespread repeal or a piecemeal undoing.” Diane Rowland, executive vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said, “I do think we’ve reached the tipping point,” adding, “It’s part of the fabric of our health-care system now.”

Regular Dental Visits Advised At Intervals Determined By Dentist

The Huffington Post (1/26, Miller) discusses how frequently people should visit the dentist, noting the American Dental Association states, “Personalized oral care is a necessity for good dental health.” The article adds that the ADA recommends people receive regular dental care at intervals their dentist determines.

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